Remixing Megan


A quick glance at Megan’s 1st week reflection and I realize we’re both aboard the same boat called the U.S.S. Oh Shit!😂

But we also share a thirst for adventure and self-discovery.  We are taking a walk on the information highway plank and deep diving into unchartered learning territory to explore a new digital learning world.

Cheers to the challenge of stretching our minds -- to awakening our own hero’s journey and learning more about our collective heroic journey as lifelong learners and teachers.

Let's Go!


Megan’s athletic, adventurous, and more!

I’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about Megan through her Instagram posts and I’ve decided to be one of her followers so I can look to her as my physical benchmark.  I’d love to get back into shape and perhaps achieve one of these impressive feats.


“Be Adventurous and Go Explore!”  (THE REMIX)

Like Megan, I love to travel and explore new places so I jumped at the opportunity to copy, transform and combine a photo of her hiking in Peru that she recently used for a Daily Create challenge. I remixed her photo by creating this 7 second travel advertisement.

I created this travel ad using Logic Studio.  In a nutshell, I composed a simple melody line with my digital keyboard selecting a Peruvian flute sound, recorded a voice over of the text displayed on her photo and then mixed these tracks with 2 royalty free Peruvian inspired instrument loops.

Here's what the tracks looks like in Logic before I mix it as a MP3:

Megan's not your average high school Math teacher

In addition to her optimistic and adventurous outlook on life, Megan loves checklists and staying organized.  She’s on a quest to build a digital tribe of high school math teachers and create a personal learning network where members can collaborate, exchange and learn from one another. I suspect she’s greatly admired by her colleagues and beloved by her students.

It's also clear to me that Megan has an internal strength that matches her external physical strength. Her words consistently convey a tone of optimism, excitement, encouragement and honesty, which I find very inspiring.

For example, in her The Role of Music critique she tells her audience that she “was hooked” participating in the story but she also lets them know that she's reflecting about her participation by questioning, “was it worth my time.”

Here's an excerpt of her review:

“During this case study, I experienced many different emotions. I was upset at the mother, I felt bad for the child, and as the piano teacher, I felt that I was in an awkward situation. It is amazing that an interactive story can lead to all of these emotions. I was hooked into the story, but at the end, I did ask myself what did I just participate in and was it worth my time.”

Remixing Megan was definitely time well spent.  She's adventurous, ambitious, optimistic and inspiring.  Wow, talk about out of the box assignments -- I learned so much about someone I've never met.

P.S. - I was never lucky enough to have a math teacher like her!

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