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Here you will find curated content demonstrating my achievement of the LDT Competencies required as a Learning Design & Technology graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver.

My hope is that you'll find my content to be chic, succinct, distinct, and a little tongue in cheek, with bytes of creative insight in the disruptive fields of EdTech, Adult Learning, Deep Learning, Music Education, Music Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Learning Experience Design (LxD) Curriculum Development.

Leadership for Technology Innovation | INTE 6999

Emergency Remote Plan

HIPAA Training Needs Analysis

Current Trends & Issues in ID/LDT | INTE 6750

Immersive VR Learning_Emergence Project

Harassment Prevention Training_Transformative Learning

Anti-Harassment Training_Transformative Technologies

Research in LDT | INTE 6720

The Holistic Evolution of ID

ID/LXD Projections

Creative Design Instructional Materials | INTE 5711

Harmonic Stream Music_Design Doc

Planning & Design for Instruction | INTE 5100

Deux ex Machina_Solution Design Project


United Spiritual Equity:  The Legend of the Buffalo Calf Woman

Blockhead: my Miyagi says, Practice makes Progress 

my Favorite Teacher:  Insights on how to Connect & Inspire

my Immersive Sound Projects

Finding voice through inspiring words of iconic voices.

A logo brought to life with immersive sound by Harmonic STREAM.

30 Second Story - Lyrics in a Bottle at La Jolla Cove.

my Visual Data Projects