Final Reflection Rewind

In the spirit of doing things differently, I've decided to flip my Final Reflection and start with my conclusion.

My Reflection Rewind

This brisk walk down the INTE 5340 yellow brick road offered me the opportunity to dive into the rainbow arc of creative storytelling.  I accepted the challenge, gave it my best shot, and this golden road returned me right back to the exact spot where I began this journey a little over 7 weeks ago.

In the end, there’s no place like home and home is where the heart is and I've learned that’s where the best authentic stories reside.


An Interactive Look at the Arc of My Journey


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About Learning

My Favorite Stories/Moments from Peers:

Wow, there have been so many great stories and moments!  If I had to pick only 3, these would be the stories that resonated with me because they inspired me through horror, love & comedy.

 My Media Scorecard

Here's an interactive infographic showcasing the diverse media I've used for this course:

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My favorite Audio Tracks:

Cultivating Creative Culture

How can a community cultivate and sustain creative culture?  I believe it all comes down to sharing to inspire -- the spirit of a tribal community.

I've created a visual to communicate my reflections on the Creative Cultures article.


Am I more knowledge-ABLE?

The arc of my journey has revealed that human to human connection is where I need to concentrate as a teacher and coach.  I've learned that I'm a realist who should focus on building my ideas (developing lesson plans and curriculums for "old school" music teachers) based on a connectivism framework.

In today's digital world, age is just a number.  I believe that multigenerational collaboration should be the driving force behind the solutions for today's education system based on the idea of sharing NOT selling knowledge.

For the adult learner, I believe that podcasts and visual graphics can capture the attention of a loyal audience and should be the driving mediums of 21st century andragogy.  However, these mediums are not enough to capture the attention and motivate today's young learner.

21st century pedagogy must include curriculums where students are allowed to build and create.  Teach math and science like an art class.  Collaborate with art teachers.  Follow STEAM bloggers.  Spend a little time on Pinterest for inspiration on creating immersive lessons.  Because to really learn something is to create something.

I believe creativity is declining because we've transformed into a society that consumes too much and creates too little and students/children are watching this happen and copying our bad habits.  Not calling out anyone here -- collectively, as a "fast food" driven society.

We've got to give students opportunities to step outside of the box and learn outside of the classroom on the playground (talk about physics, math, the engineering of the playground equipment), parking lot areas (discussion on solar panels, fossil fuels, etc.)

Spending time on the road this Summer observing and participating in the culture of small towns has confirmed the obvious antidote to the current epidemic of consuming, learning and experiencing life just staring at electronic boxes.

Unbox your life!  #YOLO

P.S. - Final Reflection Songs:

These 3 songs sum up my thoughts about our 7 week digital storytelling journey:





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