Dialog & Soliloquy in Today’s Digital World – Week 7 Reflection

Dialog & Soliloquy in Today's Digital World - Week 7 Reflection

Soliloquy in my own Words

What dreams might I achieve after speaking my digital soliloquy?

P.S. - I recorded this in the middle of the night on my phone...in my MIL's bathroom!

My thoughts on Digital Dialog

Human to Human Connection

The evolution of technology has transformed the way we gather information and it has opened the door to limitless educational opportunities via digital learning spaces.

And while there is tremendous value being connected to these digital spaces, it seems that we are now less connected emotionally in the real world to others than ever before.  The irony.

As a parent and teacher, this concerns me because I believe human to human connection is vital to understanding the true meaning of life – to understand, accept and recognize the beauty in our differences and to co-exist in communities that function and thrive based on collective efforts of service and sharing, working together as a tribe for the benefit of all.

Tribal Spirit

I believe non-profit organizations like StoryCorps and Anth 101, operate based on public service tribal spirit and as a result stretch the boundaries of learning by providing students/participants an opportunity to make meaningful connections through greater understanding of others around the world.  These digital tribal communities transform learning by creating deeper understanding, empathy and tolerance for others.  Connectivism done at its very best.  A framework for 21st century pedagogies.  An anthem for life.

Authentic.  Raw.  True. 

The "Art" of Storytelling 

Regardless of the environment, analog or digital, the formula to create resonating stories is the same.  It starts with human to human conversation that requires both parties to listen patiently and speak tactifully.  Interpersonal communication comes into play with voice inflection, tone, body language, eye expression.  This formula works sitting around a campfire, sitting inside the lobby of high rise building, or sitting in front of a computer monitor having a meaningful conversation with someone half-way around the world.

StoryCorps, Preserving the soul of America one Authentic Story at a Time

 This week's Daily Create

I had a little fun creating a 13 second soundscape for one of this week's @ds106 Daily Create challenge:

Pictogram Pictionary

I've been Everywhere, so Fork it!

Final Thoughts

Consider the positive impact of sharing authentic stories in today’s digital world!  These are the stories about our collective human journey towards greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others.  Like sonic threads that weave a melodic symphony about love, loss, achievement, sacrifice and hope -- these are the stories that come together and create our universal anthem.  The true meaning of life.



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