A New Year’s Resolution for America

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America the beautiful offers us free will, which means those of us living in America, from sea to shining sea, have been granted a choice: repeat our mistakes or evolve into something great for the benefit of all.

Will this be the year for America to finally get things right?

The biggest mistake Americans can make this year is to wait for POTUS, Congress, or the Supreme Court to secure America’s future.

History has shown us that they can’t fix America. Together, UNITED, we can.

Arrows of History and Truth

Time and time again, great civilizations collapse when morality is at its lowest — the result of a civilized society that chooses to act like gluttonous self-serving savages. Remember why Rome fell?

In Charles Krauthammer’s powerful posthumous book, “The Point of It All,” brilliantly edited by his son, Daniel Krauthammer, Mr. Krauthammer asks a question aimed for reflection: “Are we condemned to do the same damn thing over and over, generation after generation — or is there hope for some enduring progress in the world order?

I’m not proud of the current state of America. Are you?

In just a few short weeks, the holiday spirit in the air has once again evaporated to reveal the ever-present heavy cloud of rhetorical soot that hangs low, like rotten fruit, intended to keep our society distracted, divided, angry, and confused.

We’ve allowed them to pollute our minds and hearts.

How on earth can America be great again if, collectively speaking, our society just isn’t being good!

I’m ashamed by the actions of our politicians, their cronies, and the rest of us on both sides of the fence. Are you?

I’m no expert on public policy, but I’d say that the worst of them is merely a reflection of the worst of us. Self-serving savages willing to exploit and leverage others for the sake of personal power and profit.


America’s Future — Divided or United?

If we, the people of the current Divided States of America, want to make America Good Again, we must become united once again.

Let’s put a stop to wasting our time listening to the senseless blaming and hypocritical finger pointing coming from the left and right.

Instead, let’s invest our time to work together in our local communities in order to make our country strong and good again.

Let’s stop using corrupt power as the benchmark to rebuild our nation and use morality and kindness instead.

Instead, let’s combine the best of blue and red political ideologies and create a more valuable, more equitable purple society based on fiscally conservative and socially liberal values.

And let’s not forget how the United States of America became a great nation in the first place.

Through the tireless work and sacrifice of immigrants looking to build a better life not only for themselves but for their community at large.

Because we’re all descendants of immigrants in search of religious freedom and greater economic opportunity.

Remember, it took generations upon generations of hard work, bravery, determination and grit from those willing to work together for the greater good of society. In this way, America belongs to them, not to self-serving "thought" leaders, influencers, and career politicians.

Most importantly, let’s not forget why America was able to become a great nation in the first place — there were a lot more people holding out their hands asking how they could help others instead of asking who could help them.

And God shed his grace on thee.

#makeamericagoodagain 💜

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